Dear Sir or Madam,

We have exciting news for you. Drs McLaughlin and Bennett have just released two new series of video tutorials designed to share the knowledge and expertise they have gained in over 40 years of experience at the forefront of orthodontics.

The Systemized series of 10 video tutorials is an invaluable information source for orthodontists at all levels:    

• For experienced orthodontists – to refresh their knowledge or train assistants.    

• For university teachers – the series is a structured approach to teaching mechanics.    

• For orthodontic residents – the series offers a starting point to success in the specialty. 

Each title typically runs for about 35 minutes. Together they demonstrate an efficient and systemized approach, detailing key strategies for high quality outcomes.

Find out more about the Systemized series by watching this short introductory video from Dr Bennett.

The San Diego series of eight titles follows on from the ‘Systemized’ series and includes a range of well-treated cases from Dr McLaughlin’s practice, some of which have not been shown before.


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To read more about the new video tutorials, please visit McLaughlin-Bennett.com and then register free of charge on the Forestadent Campus 365 website to view both series.

McLaughlin-Bennett.com is a new website portal that also gives residents and practising orthodontists unrivalled access to a refined and improved version of the world-famous philosophy, McLaughlin Bennett System 5.0.

We hope that you will find these exciting new learning resources of great use and will recommend them to colleagues.

Drs McLaughlin and Bennett

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